W O R L D W I D E   E X P E R I E N C E


Since 2004

Archi & Media was established in 2004 positioning itself in the niche market of museum furnishings.

Thanks to the know-how and the long-standing experience of its founding members, the company showed fastly its skills and professional attitude required at all stages of project development, such as: ideation, design, supply and on-site installation .

In few years these skills have allowed to expand the company’s core business, through the development of projects in the most varied and mltiple realities of furniture-design.

Relying on the support of our staff and partner companies, Archi & Media was able to increase its market competitiveness, completing projects in different fields of interests, such as: universities, libraries, showrooms, retail areas, informative signals, museum complex and temporary exhibitions, reaching a complete knowledge of the exhibit sector.

Today the company is able to respond to the most varied and sophisticated requests, supporting clients step by step on the way throughout the project develop, adopting the right mix of technologies, innovation and sustainability.

The company makes available its experience and professionalty, by offering technical consulting and supervion services to private parties and public administrations.


Flexibility is the key element that in recent years has enabled us to cope various realities and projects where we successflly operated.

Today, that same flexibility represents one of our strengths to meet technical and exhibit-related requirements and economic parameters, offering solution that enhance the demands of our Clients.